Chaplain Taymullah Abdur-Rahman

Imam Taymullah Abdur-Rahman was the Muslim Chaplain at Harvard from 2015 to 2017. He has been a pastoral care provider for the past decade. He received a diploma in Islamic Sciences from the Saudi Arabian Council of Senior Scholars in 2006. In addition, he has studied Arabic and Islamic theology with several traditional scholars over the past ten years with concentration on cultivating the heart. Imam Taymullah served as Muslim chaplain for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections for seven years.

He is passionate about utilizing the dispensations of Islamic jurisprudence to develop a distinctly American Muslim cultural identity. For his efforts to foster what he likes to call “fearless fellowship,” Taymullah received the St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church's award for Promoting Interfaith Understanding in 2011. He serves on the Board of the interreligious youth non-profit, Kids 4 Peace and has recently signed his first book contract with International Islamic Publishing House in Riyadh to publish his essay on Islamic personal development titled, 44 Ways to Manhood. Imam Taymullah is a regular lecturer, family counselor and educator in and around New England.