HUMA hosts a number of events throughout the year to connect alumni around the globe. Our major events are:

Annual Alumni Dinner »

We host over 100 alumni and students in Cambridge for our main dinner, which has featured keynote speakers such as Rashad Hussain, US Ambassador to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, or Sameera Fazili, Senior Policy Advisor at the White House National Economic Council.

Global iftaars »

We host iftaars across the globe, yearly reaching upwards of 15 locations across multiple continents to bring together alumni and current students in celebrating Ramadan.

HUMA Socials »

We work with other university Muslim alumni groups to put on social events in major cities. It's a great opportunity to meet alums from all different schools.

Harvard Muslim Life Fund »

The Harvard Muslim Life Fund is meant to provide support for the Muslim community on Harvard's campus, currently funding a part-time chaplain for all students at Harvard. For more details, please see the HMLF page .

Questions? Email our VP External at: